War Sailors' Requiem

A tribute and recognition to the Merchant Seafarers at war. The "War Sailor's Requiem" will be performed at Kilden Concert Hall in Kristiansand, Norway June 20th 2024.

Here you will find information about the work "War Sailors' Requiem, facts about the War Sailors, as well as further thematic articles related to the War Sailors and their cause. 

The Royal Norwegian Navy Band's societal engagement is particularly evident through the War Sailor cause, which the band has been following since the 1960s. The efforts of the War Sailors during the second world war are considered Norway's most significant contribution to the Allied victory. Thus, the issue is highly applicable for the Norwegian Armed Forces as well. Under extremely difficult conditions, Norwegian merchant seafarers transported fuel, war materials, and other goods. War Sailors underwent significant psychological strain as they were constantly exposed to the threat of attacks from submarines or aircraft, as well as being completely cut off from society with no contact with family and friends. Approximately 3,700 war sailors in the merchant fleet lost their lives, and 473 ships were lost.